Photo-0112 Photo-0111 Photo-0006Last night my father, my grandparents and my self had just finished our roast dinner and pudding. Three frogs hopped past us, not all together, but it was still rather a lovely thing to see. I find these amphibians really charming and practically adorable. I love their eyes and the way they hop with a blink of an eye. Two nearly ended up in the conservatory which was rather amusing.  Between myself and my dad we took ten photos so here are a mixture of mine and his photographs. He took more than me as he had a torch on his phone.

If you have frogs in your garden and you see them, do make sure you watch what they do as they are the most loveliest amphibians. I appreciate that some people don’t like them much. But that is their personal preference even if I find it rather funny.

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