The Iron Giant

I watched the Iron Giant this morning while drinking my first cup of coffee of the day. I had recorded it on the V box a week or so ago. I have nothing bad to say about the film. It made me laugh, cry and even despise the government agent. He was such a git. Anyway, I love how the Iron Giant himself was really lovely character and he didn’t want to be the bad guy and had to prove that he was a good robot. I fully understood when he attacked the people trying to hurt him and he thought that his best friend Hogarth was dead. Hogarth is such a fantastic character especially on coffee. He helped the Giant really well; it brought home the fact that we should as humans help everyone and anyone to fit in and be who they want to be, not who we expect them to be.

This animated film has many messages in it, one of my favourites is that we should choose who we are and not give a damn about what anyone thinks (unless it is nice what they are thinking).  I am glad I watched this because even though I am choosing the graphic design route rather than an animation route, I still enjoy looking at the details of each animated film. The drawings, the backgrounds even the quality of the animation itself builds the whole story and brings it to life. I was captivated by the story. The expressions and movements of the giant and Hogarth, as well as ALL the characters were all made by cell animation which never ceases to amaze me in the expressive detail it goes into, and the quality of the art work is just fantastic.

This is the first time I have watched this film and I hope it comes on the tv again soon. (Unless I find a DVD of it first)

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