Okay, so recently I have been watching a new animé series by Rooster Teeth called RWBY.

The first Trailer I watched I thought was beautiful, it was about the main character Ruby Rose also known as Red. I thought, because it was sent to me by an ex, it was something different to what it was. I absolutely loved the animation style and musical choice.  He then sent me White and Black, both were different and reminded me of many different animé shows. I found Yellow before the premier; I just found it bad ass.

I have watched the first two episodes so far and even though the animation style is different to other animé like Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh etc. I find it still captivates the audience. I am new to Rooster Teeth, as I haven’t watched any of their game stuff that they do like red vs blue, but RWBY is for anyone. It has humour, action, adventure even some classic animé things.

There have been some critics about the way that non essential characters are fully blacked out, I think that it works because you focus on the actual characters rather than getting lost with the other non essentials. I also think that using block colour for the characters works too, even though it is strange at first as many animé series have loads of tones and shades in them.  In my opinion this is a good animé for Rooster Teeth to have made and designed.

NOTE: I do not own the copyrights to this image


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