My Course || BA Hons Graphic Design

So I started my Course properly this week, it feels so good to be doing something with my life now, rather than sitting about waiting for things to happen. I love it here in Portsmouth, I have made some friends which I spent time with during the last week. This week I joined the Circus Skills Society and they are all lovely and really fun to be with. I honestly think I have made the best decision I could ever make in life by coming to university. The people on my course are also lovely. We all have creative minds which we can bounce off of when things get a bit more fun or busy. I am currently doing a project on Stephan Sagmeister which I found out Monday. I got really excited as one of my lecturers from college touched on him a few times in lessons. It is group work, but we have to do our own research individually too as well as in teams and produce a 5 minute interactive PDF presentation in six weeks time.

I am much better at taking notes than I used to be when I started college also. I used to be really bad at it, even though I did take loads of notes I got better which has been really useful during this past week at uni. I do miss home, and everything there including the horses I’m used to working with and my friends, but this is an opportunity that I cannot miss.

I am truly where I belong at this point in my life.

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