I thought I might as well do an update, considering most of my blog has been doodles and recently four prints.

At the moment I am re constructing my website, it’s almost complete. I’m working on my home page but coming up with content is tricky, as I don’t want to appear childish or unprofessional so coming up with something sophisticated and smart is something that I’m not great at. Mainly because I have a fun personality. Smart isn’t really me, as I like to get stuck into things and make a mess.

I am trying to gain inspiration to do more design work through my doodles, I am thinking on the lines of minimalistic game and or film characters. Not yet sure on which ones, but I will post progress when I start.

So, hopefully my creativity will be stimulated throughout the rest of the holiday. So far it’s been relaxed, and successful on the Job Front. I start this Saturday, and I physically cannot wait as it’s my first paid job!!!! Excitement all around. I have also received my last two unit grades from Uni, a 2:1 and a 1st could not be happier. I have sailed right in to second year, but obviously I am waiting for that conformation and what I have passed the year with.  

This has been the best year of my life, for a while. I could not have been happier to get in and for the first time, I am excited to go back to education in September! No regrets what so ever!

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