Another Update thing

This weekend has been uber uber busy!
From Friday evening, to last night I have had hardly any time to do any doodles!!!! I started my first paid job on Saturday. I’ve sold my soul to Tresspass the outdoor clothing company, so far I am now till trained, and I have been attacked by stock! I’ve also sustained an injury from walking into a wall while texting (note to self, don’t do that in future), and another injury from dropping a granite rock on my finger, (second note to self, be careful they hurt).

I’ve also done a circus skills poi workshop with my guide unit, I think they enjoyed it and I’ll be teaching a friend from the group this afternoon if the weather holds up. AND I have had a visitor from uni too, they’ve been up twice now so soon I’ll return the favour and go back to Portsmouth, I do miss that city on occasion. My area is quiet and peaceful, but it can get dull occasionally.

More doodles to come, and hopefully that How To Train Your Dragon design idea(s) too

Have a good day, who ever reads this.

I know I will

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