I AM….


A young Graphic Designer with a flair for experimentation and the quirks of design. I enjoy using digital and traditional media to produce quality pieces which, carry some of my own personality traits.

As for me, I’m an imaginative individual with some circus skills and horse riding abilities, also a musical background with the piano / keyboard and guitar. I love to read novels and, I’m currently writing one my self as a side project.

Design is something that I have found and enjoy. I can build websites, design on print (including books) and even dabble in illustration.  I also can use flash to produce interactive pieces (but still trying to get along with the software).

My imagination is vast, and doing something different or learning something new is what I am best at.

I can use: Adobe Photoshop // Illustrator // Indesign // Flash (somewhat) // HTML // CSS // Javascript (learning)

I do also like using traditional mediums such as: Screen Printing // Painting // Drawing // Pen and Ink // Etching // Letter press // wood block printing // and what ever you give to me to play with!

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