Magpies, Rhyme and Design Part 1

A quiet evening and whim for something to do, was the perfect moment to start to design a brewing idea featured early on in the summer. These posters, have taken on a minimal design with a hint of Art Deco typography to accommodate one of my favourite species of bird. The Magpie just pure black and white (I know the bird has iridescent blue in it’s plumage but for simplicity I kept it out). The first three represent the first three lines of the nursery rhyme ‘One for Sorrow’ as I know it, there are many different versions if you search for them.

I will be designing a full set during the week, so another three may make it on here and my Instagram!


ARM DOODLE | Tattoo design again

wpid-20141027_165930.jpgSo, I got a bit bored of waiting for my house / course mate to finish his course work (as I had already finished mine for the day), I decided to draw a feather on my arm along with a second. Now, following on from my previous feather post, I think TWO of those, in this exact position would make a mighty fine tattoo design indeed. I also now have ideas to extend it, with the most cliché of all things…… birds flying out and up, towards my shoulder, to make a full blown sleeve. The colours, would still be watercolour / muted with pen and ink style mixed into the design. I can extend it gradually, if I so desire OR get the full blown thing. Lots and lots of decisions to make here. Obviously the tattoo artists will help me out, big time as to what to do.

Budgie Sitting: Days 3 4 5 6 7 8

Budgie Sitting: Days 3 4 5 6 7 8

Making this breif as possible

Day three: I was ill and didn’t want to go food shopping. Fred started his escaping act by sticking his head out the bars, so I let him fly around while I was watching tv. That was fun, following him so he wouldn’t get lost in my house.

Day Four: Spent the day at my local stables albeit still ill. Dad met the budgie for the first time. That was amusing.

Day Five: Same as Sunday.

Day Six: Feeling loads better, went out and came back, Fred was chirping away at the tv.

Day 7: Let Fred fly around as I cleaned his cage.

Day 8: Fred was returned to his owner.


It was a pleasure looking after this cute little budgie and will do so again.  And that is the end to my budgie sitting tale.


Budgie Sitting: Day 2 | Moving from one place to the other

Budgie Sitting: Day 2 | Moving from one place to the other

SO, Frederick III arrived safe yesterday before I went out. We placed him by the conservatory but he didn’t seem too happy there even though he was chirping this morning after a night in a strange place. (Well, to him it was strange). Anyway he is now in our living room chirping away at the TV and enjoying the brightness. He is happier there than he was by the conservatory. My grandparents have made some cringe worthy noises at him, but it is quite amusing at times. Fred is just charming he really is, so far he has climbed onto my finger then hopped off again. I am scared to let him fly around as he may get lost in the house as we have many hidey holes that he can fit into. When I first met him, he could fit through the bars of his cage and do an escape act which was rather amusing to watch. Here is an image of him; isn’t he just handsome? I think so and my friend loves him to bits too. This is also another reason why I’m not letting him fly around just yet.