Hand Drawn Typography 4 | The Rose and the Thorn

typographychallenge4_saadiI haven’t done one of these for a while, as I have been a little preoccupied. I have these spells now and again, of feeling lost, depressed, and unsure on what to do with my self. This evening it’s mostly the feeling of sadness and other things. I came across this quote from Saadi, which I thought was rather poetic. It makes sense to me and I hope it makes sense to anyone who sees this.

Hand Drawn Typography 2

typographychallenge2_oshoThis quote I thought, was quite promising. It doesn’t seem it but actually, being creative is, to me, far more interesting than sitting in an office all day answering phone calls. The fact that rebellion is used, shows that creativity holds a lot of power and can speak to many on a large scale. Which is quite awesome!

Website Updates

This afternoon, I have been working on my website, purely to make it look as good as possible before I make the menu functional, and smarten up my gallery a bit more. So far I am really pleased with how this has gone. Everything I have learned this year at uni has gone into this, what with white space, grids, and the way things look on a page. I believe this will truley be a successful site once it is live. It will be something I am proud to show off to people and say, ‘This is who I am! This is what I do!’

I am still waiting to have more motion graphic pieces in my armoury, before I put them up here.

A little bit of photo-editing

Just a bit of photo editing for my header image, to be featured on my website design, the one I have at the moment, isn’t exciting enough. My portrait is from said image, and set upon a background made up of Photoshop brushes / ink splats. headerimage2nologo