Goodbye 2017

Last year was quite a challenging time. I started my driving lessons, lost my job, spent months and months and months searching for the next opportunity …. oh I also failed my driving test first time…. but lets not get into that bit right now. I also taught my self to crochet! There was an amazing wedding, a house move, a fantastic trip to london and some happy memories made amongst the not so good ones. Finally gaining a position that I enjoy, I have high hopes for 2018.

Knowing many have resolutions to make themselves better people, I have a few goals in mind that are listed below.

1. To pass my driving test no matter how long it takes.

2. To find a lovely little car so I can explore what more England has to offer

3. Continue my crochet and pick up knitting again

4. To properly get back into piano and guitar playing so I can join in with the local jams

5. To upgrade my website somehow

6. Experiment with different mediums for my portfolio

7.  Start going to the local Park Run

8. Practice being mindful and calm in difficult situations

9. Photograph different places and things

10. Get your ass on your unicycle and be awesome



Personal Projects and more

The Graduate show, on Friday evening, was great! I spoke to many people, including the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, he was a lovely man very interested in what we do in the Graphic Design Basement Studios, also spoke to many visitors, had long conversations about Adrian Frutiger and my work / others work. Really enjoyed the evening and was honoured to exhibit with my peers and friends.

The day before, I purchased a screen printing set, from the art store….and this gave me ideas to start making prints… GOOD prints… for personal projects, while applying for a career in Graphic Design. The aim of the game, (I’ve had this inclination for a while, but never got round to starting) is to sell these prints on. Perhaps at events such as Comic Con, Waterways / Craft festivals and see how and where it gets me.

I think I might start small and get into the Free Art Friday community, perhaps even document my adventures / progress on my new found Instagram account, Twitter and on this blog as well.

I’ve had an idea as a starting point. The nursary rhyme, ‘One for Sorrow’ about the superstitions around Magpies. It’s got so many versions and I want to do them all!!! Perhaps even to start off with, to practice  hand lettering, screen printing and on screen. The reason is, since I heard the rhyme and Band of Skulls: Patterns, the rhyme has had a bit of an impact on me. I’m not majorly superstitious, other than Fate, Destiny and everything happens for a reason, ghosts / kindred spirits kind of thing. (Still… not majorly, but enough to be open minded).

Updates on progress to come soon!


I thought I might as well do an update, considering most of my blog has been doodles and recently four prints.

At the moment I am re constructing my website, it’s almost complete. I’m working on my home page but coming up with content is tricky, as I don’t want to appear childish or unprofessional so coming up with something sophisticated and smart is something that I’m not great at. Mainly because I have a fun personality. Smart isn’t really me, as I like to get stuck into things and make a mess.

I am trying to gain inspiration to do more design work through my doodles, I am thinking on the lines of minimalistic game and or film characters. Not yet sure on which ones, but I will post progress when I start.

So, hopefully my creativity will be stimulated throughout the rest of the holiday. So far it’s been relaxed, and successful on the Job Front. I start this Saturday, and I physically cannot wait as it’s my first paid job!!!! Excitement all around. I have also received my last two unit grades from Uni, a 2:1 and a 1st could not be happier. I have sailed right in to second year, but obviously I am waiting for that conformation and what I have passed the year with.  

This has been the best year of my life, for a while. I could not have been happier to get in and for the first time, I am excited to go back to education in September! No regrets what so ever!