A short update… or somewhat

Since my last post I have had so many interviews that my confidence has rocked sky high… however none have been successful; It’s starting to feel like false hope. It’s a tough world out there, but I am still moving forward and trying my best.

Recently I went to Samfest, a local  music festival in Tongham. Normally I go with my friends, but this year was different! I went with my aunty, uncle and little cousins!!!
I stayed till the end amongst the crowd and of course the rain. It was good to see some familiar faces one of the bar men and one of the organisers.

The acts were great, my favourite though was The Flying Wright Bros. always a pleasure to see them perform rock and classic rock acts!

I took my poi with me, where I had lots of space to play. Having not spun in a while it was definitely hard work but the people loved it all the same!!! (The bar man knows me for my tankard and poi skills at a different event). A guy with a camera also enjoyed filming my antics, it was a good day out and all for charity too!

I am still trying to come up with some ideas for side projects, so far I have thought about:

> Designing album covers with self generated imagery, picking out random words from a dictionary / online generator / news articles / books etc. for the band name and album name

> Designing tiki style prints

> Designing a Zine about something or rather

(100 days… I have given up because I have creative bloq and can’t seem to think of anything good to make into an animated gif)


Busy busy busy…..

Woah I have been really busy since my last post.

Exciting things to be posted soon, such as my YCN competition work and my Identity and Branding unit.

I’ve grown so much this year, it’s unreal!

I’m so excited for the prospects of the future! Next year will be my final year of University and I am looking forward to every single moment of it!

Stay tuned for the next couple of posts coming soon

Another Update thing

This weekend has been uber uber busy!
From Friday evening, to last night I have had hardly any time to do any doodles!!!! I started my first paid job on Saturday. I’ve sold my soul to Tresspass the outdoor clothing company, so far I am now till trained, and I have been attacked by stock! I’ve also sustained an injury from walking into a wall while texting (note to self, don’t do that in future), and another injury from dropping a granite rock on my finger, (second note to self, be careful they hurt).

I’ve also done a circus skills poi workshop with my guide unit, I think they enjoyed it and I’ll be teaching a friend from the group this afternoon if the weather holds up. AND I have had a visitor from uni too, they’ve been up twice now so soon I’ll return the favour and go back to Portsmouth, I do miss that city on occasion. My area is quiet and peaceful, but it can get dull occasionally.

More doodles to come, and hopefully that How To Train Your Dragon design idea(s) too

Have a good day, who ever reads this.

I know I will