ISTD Submission | Adrian Frutiger in the Round

Alright, here are the long awaited photos of my circular book, about Adrian Frutiger titled ‘Adrian Frutiger in the Round’.

It was really difficult to put together, because of the format so a lot of trial and error was used here. Also not to mention, before I had an acrylic template, to cut out the blasted thing, I had to cut out my prototypes 1/4 x 1/4 and stick together with countless strips of masking tape…..


BUT on the whole it was a frustrating but incredible challenge to do this, as it tested my abilities as a designer. This whole year has been about experimenting more, for me so it was a good experience to have (Plus the pride of my lecturer not binding a circular format, before now! So that’s a first).

This in the end is a perfect bound circular book, celebrating the life and works of Adrian Frutiger, a well known typeface designer of Avenir, Frutiger, Univers and many many more. I looked at his life, and some of his typefaces as well as depicting my own homage to him in respect of his death and contributions to design.The circle idea came from the Lumitype Photon plate, which is circular as well as general boredom of square and rectangular formats. (I’m not saying I dislike square and rectangular formats, I just wanted to do something different to my peers and be completely experimental (which Frutiger was, in his approach) so I saw fit in doing so my self. I will have better photos of this, on my behance and website portfolio (Once that’s under constructon), when my book is returned from the judging of the ISTD.


Developing Design Practice | Book Design | Lamb to the Slaughter | Roald Dahl

Developing Design Practice | Book Design | Lamb to the Slaughter | Roald Dahl

After a long six weeks, I have finally finished my book design unit. The deadline is 2pm 31st October BUT I am finished a day early!!

The brief I had been given, required me to choose one out of four stories, and produce a book with a minimum of 32 pages. The only requirements were, that the dust cover must be screen printed, the book has to be perfect bound and the pages to be French folded. I chose ‘The Lamb to the Slaughter’ by Roald Dahl, as I thought this would give me more of a challenge and I really enjoyed the ending. Unknowingly I had made my book design in the 50s – 60s vintage style. But, it works for the style of the narrative. Over all, I really enjoyed this unit as I have been looking forward to it, since I finished my first year of university.

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BUSY!!!! | Developing Design Practice | Lamb to the Slaughter

Today’s work session, I test printed my book pages, for a unit called ‘Developing Design Practice’ and I did a few screen print experiments.
All of these are rough, because I still need to work out measurements for my dust jacket, not to mention work out what papers I need to use, for my final print.

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