Budgie Sitting: Days 3 4 5 6 7 8

Budgie Sitting: Days 3 4 5 6 7 8

Making this breif as possible

Day three: I was ill and didn’t want to go food shopping. Fred started his escaping act by sticking his head out the bars, so I let him fly around while I was watching tv. That was fun, following him so he wouldn’t get lost in my house.

Day Four: Spent the day at my local stables albeit still ill. Dad met the budgie for the first time. That was amusing.

Day Five: Same as Sunday.

Day Six: Feeling loads better, went out and came back, Fred was chirping away at the tv.

Day 7: Let Fred fly around as I cleaned his cage.

Day 8: Fred was returned to his owner.


It was a pleasure looking after this cute little budgie and will do so again.  And that is the end to my budgie sitting tale.


Budgie Sitting: Day 2 | Moving from one place to the other

Budgie Sitting: Day 2 | Moving from one place to the other

SO, Frederick III arrived safe yesterday before I went out. We placed him by the conservatory but he didn’t seem too happy there even though he was chirping this morning after a night in a strange place. (Well, to him it was strange). Anyway he is now in our living room chirping away at the TV and enjoying the brightness. He is happier there than he was by the conservatory. My grandparents have made some cringe worthy noises at him, but it is quite amusing at times. Fred is just charming he really is, so far he has climbed onto my finger then hopped off again. I am scared to let him fly around as he may get lost in the house as we have many hidey holes that he can fit into. When I first met him, he could fit through the bars of his cage and do an escape act which was rather amusing to watch. Here is an image of him; isn’t he just handsome? I think so and my friend loves him to bits too. This is also another reason why I’m not letting him fly around just yet.


Budgie Sitting: Day 1 | Awaiting the Arrival |other things like doodles and website shenanigans

Budgie Sitting: Day 1 | Awaiting the Arrival |other things like doodles and website shenanigans

Yesterday on of my best friends (that sound slightly childish, but she is a fantastic friend kind of like a sister but not blood related) anyway, she asked if I could look after her magnificent budgie Frederick III for a week. Surprisingly my grandparents said yes which I wasn’t expecting. I am eagerly awaiting his arrival and while I am waiting, I thought I haven’t blogged in a while, but also that this blog of mine hasn’t really been about graphic design, only a few bits of animation here and there. 

SOOOOOO recently I have been making a website for my local stables and it has taken longer than it should (god that doesn’t put me in an efficient or good light, which could go against me ……) It is almost finished, just got a few bits to do…….like image copyrighting……………a whole page to finish…………..another couple of pages to edit…………………etc etc etc.

But when I haven’t been doing the website I have randomly decided to get back into spontaneous doodling, I have been inspired for some reason to doodle possible outcomes for tattoo designs……. but  my one so far is this charming design. Music Notes

I love music, it is a way of life for me. I just have this ominous feeling when I listen to music that no one can distract me from listening to the souls of other people. This is a similar feeling when I read a novel. I feel the emotions of each character like I feel the emotions of each singer or song writer in a certain song.  The wings are representing the way my mind floats from happy thoughts to dark thoughts etc. I know they have different meanings in the tattoo world, but I am a free spirit, that can’t be contained in a box or a tight space other wise there will be explosions. I am talking metaphorically, but those that know me, or have met me will know that in fact I am a passionate person that loves anything to do with books, music, good design, and just general amazing weird generic things. 

Back to my main point  of this, Fred will be here later on in the day where I may do another blog with an image of him if I remember to do so.