A London adventure…

Ben ( My better half) and I took a trip to London, to mark our third year of our relationship. We stayed in a hotel in Greenwich, not too far away from the O2 Arena, which I still call the Millennium Dome!

19th May:

After checking into the hotel, we took a tube to Camden, eating Venezuelan food and liquid nitrogen ice cream (It was just frozen with it… made on the spot sort of thing), the smoothest ice cream I have ever tasted!!!!

20th May:

This was a busy day! After a continental breakfast of course…

First, we explored the Natural History Museum, seeing all the dinosaurs and experiencing what an earthquake felt like. What made me laugh, was the Japanese legend of Namazu, a giant catfish guarded by the god Kashima with a large rock. Namazu only flails around once Kashima is distracted or sleeping to cause Earthquakes.

To be honest, this is the only Japanese legend other than Mulan, that I know of and I think it’s absolutely brilliant!

Then we rushed to the Science Museum, in a downpour to find something to eat! We also saw Tim Peake’s space craft, the one he landed in. We couldn’t see the Robot exhibition because we didn’t have tickets… but that didn’t matter, we still had a good time seeing as much as we could.

Next came the V&A, we hung around the statues for a little while, and the Buddhism area until it was time for us to walk into ‘Their Mortal Remains’ exhibition, all about Pink Floyd. We were handed an audio tour, which played music from Pink Floyd as well as interviews. I loved this! To read so much about Pink Floyd, to see some of the posters and album work used, how the graphic designers of the day produced album work for bands using photography and red rooms. It was great to see some of the instruments, drum covers, props, even to see some Sex Pistols in the mix. The pictures I took, do not do the event justice! I couldn’t read everything, but I did buy the hardback catalogue as a momento and to read more about the band I admire most.

Then came dinner, we ate in Soho at Pho and Bun, eating Vietnamese food! It was super yummy and the wine was delicious. Then with full bellies, we explored Soho a little bit before going back to the hotel where we had a drink from the bar, before bed.

21st May:

With rested feet, we checked out of the hotel after a breakfast along with takeaway coffees, we headed to London Zoo!

We stopped off at St. Johns Wood (yes… we did snigger at the innuendo) but what I didn’t realise, was it was so close to Abby Road, there were a lot of Beatles merchandise at the station.

At the zoo, we couldn’t have asked for a better day! The weather was fantastic! We saw lions, tigers, penguins, emus, zebras, camels, flamingos, llamas, alpacas, lots of birds, bats, snakes, lizards, giraffes, pigs and a so much more!

By the time we got back to Portsmouth, having a longer train journey than planned, eating sandwiches, crisps and drinking juice on the journey, we were exhausted.

We even filled up my SD card in my camera, an awful lot of photos were taken!!!

It was a great weekend, followed by a couple of interviews and a week in Portsmouth!

Before I die …. | An adventure from Little Venice to Camden Lock / Market

I went on a trip to Little Venice yesterday, with one of my best friends. It was so good to go back to one of my childhood places and see some familiar faces. (I have Gary Jules – Mad World stuck in my head).

Once we looked around, and had food with a drink from the beer tent, my friend and I decided to walk up to Camden. On the way, we saw this amazing board.


At first, it appeared to be a chalk board, with a whole load of lines. To say the least, my friend and I were intrigued. To our surprise, it was a massive bucket list written by different people in chalk. This interactivity, was incredible. I found out this morning who made this board, and came up with the idea. Her name is Candy Chang.

She is a Taiwanese American artist who is interested in the relationship between public space and personal well being. (Taken from her biography)
She went through a rough patch, after losing someone close to her. And this was a result. The wall now has a website, and a book about the whole adventure. The website for this wall, has instructions on how to make your own. As much as I like promoting other people’s work, please do this respectively and follow the instructions fully, (I don’t want you to get into trouble and I don’t think Candy Chang wants her work / idea to get a bad name too).  Please go visit these sites, and look around for the walls. You never know where you might find one. Here is the list of them. As a head start.


I have written on the wall too. For some self advertisement for, however long the board isn’t cleaned.

101_5032  101_5020101_5019

This board has increased my passion more for graphic design, and interacting with people in a unique way. I have loads of plans in my head for when I get a house and a studio, on what I would put on my walls to make them less boring. I would love to make a ‘Before I Die’ wall, or a similar idea for one of those plans. This type of interactivity is special, and the amount of passion that has built up for me around graphic design will never die. Now, before I die, I will become a great designer, that will strive in my passion and continue the legacy that is Graphic Design.