As promised!

Christmas and 2016 are over…..

2017 has started and honestly, it looks to be a busy few months at OMM.

But before the excitement of this year starts, I had a really quiet christmas and new year, but it wasn’t without a wonderful trip to Portsmouth to see my favourite person, and his family. It was a lovely weekend!

But on the lead up to christmas, I had designed a few christmas cards that I gave out this year, once I got them printed (using an a4 inkjet printer… a4 paper, blue tac and some Rymans own 6 x 6″ (15 x 15 cm) cards). I unfortunately ran out of time to emboss them with a newly acquired embossing kit from Lidl, not too long ago. BUT there’s always next Christmas!

Also, following these I designed a Christmas message to place on my instagram for social media, using the snow man from one of the christmas card designs.




Updates and stuff…..


My first month at OMM, has gone quickly but well. I’ve learnt a lot, and got back into the swing of designing which is great! My colleagues are lovely and have been super welcoming. Not to mention the occasional cake and mince pies around at the office, so far. I’ve mostly been drinking LOTS of tea nowadays… Coffee is still my go to thing, but Tea gets me through the day quite nicely. And of course the occasional beer / cider on a Friday… after 5pm. (Yes.. you heard that right… we’re allowed to drink after 5pm on Fridays at the work place)

We had our Christmas party on Thursday… Ascot Racecourse… lots of drinks, the food was delicious and everyone looked incredible! We are a good looking bunch, I must say!

Apart from work, I have been thinking about designing my own Christmas cards this year, I have the sketches… now I need to not procrastinate and design them!

Of course Christmas is approaching quite quickly… the shopping for gifts has begun… each week I’m trying to get something without hitting the high streets! (But I think, at some point I must….)

I keep thinking back, that many months ago I was finishing up all my work for Uni… now I’m a Junior Designer at an Agency! I could not be happier.

Next year… I learn to drive!


First Semester & Christmas

SO, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!

This past year has been an amazing one, who knew that I would get into university, finish college and have a blast doing so.

My first semester at Portsmouth University has been amazing thanks to my family and friends. I could not have gotten to Portsmouth with out them, and not forgetting UPSOCS, who has brought back the confidence in myself to be the fool I truly am. The Christmas performance was a fantastic experience, I hadn’t shook like that since I jumped the log and log pile first time at Candles Corner, which I have missed a heck load. Being back home for Christmas has been a wonderful time. I got to go back to the yard, see family and friends that I haven’t seen for a while. I can’t believe how quickly it has gone.

The new semester is going to be a busy time. I am mostly looking forward to the motion graphics unit! Also, practicing my juggling, as I got some juggling balls for Christmas and since Christmas day I have been practicing. I can almost juggle three ball for about four or five rounds now!

Cannot wait for the new year to start!!!!! It’s going to start with:

1. My family

2. My friends

3. A Jump lesson

4. Going back to uni

and then ending with me in second year!!!!!!! (HOPEFULLY!!!!)