Today’s Design Antics….

As part of my Professional Practice: Promotion and Employability unit, I have to design my own identity and promotional materials. Now those of you who follow Hotham Designs, you’ll notice my current icon. Yeah…. I am scrapping that from College…..

After four pages of sketches, and one page full of typefaces I have decided to stick with this circus / fairground style character. ‘J’ is the start of my name, I am part of a Circus Society, and I love to be playful and experimental with my design work so this is the perfect style for me to go with.

Obviously it needs work, so separate print layers with the cut out. I will also be digitally crafting this and hand painting it too, to see how the effect works. Then I can focus on the promotional materials, colours, and of course my portfolio site which I hope to hand code in HTML and CSS with a small amount of Java Script if I can get to grips with it in time.

Using woodblock printing inks and Greyboard this is today’s messy fun time!!! I enjoy using different mediums and I am finally getting back into it with my Major Project and this one too!

Watch this space for developments on my identity as a Graphic Designer!

Live Design Briefs | YCN | Design Competition | Taylors of Harrogate

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Earlier this year I picked a design brief out of many, for the YCN Design Competition. I decided to choose a product innovation brief, to engage a younger audience into Taylors of Harrogate coffee. I like coffee and I thought this would challenge me the most. Unfortunately I was right! It challenged me an awful lot. I took me a while to come up with a solid idea and theme, but I finally got there and submitted these three circus themed coffees to the competition. I am very proud of these designs because I do like the quirks of the circus and the excitement it can bring to an audience.

Little did I know that I would actually win a commendation for my work in this competition. Three of my peers in the BA Hons Graphic Design Course, in Portsmouth have also won an award for their work too! I am so overwhelmed and literally sky high right now! I pick up the award in September!

University of Portsmouth News:
YCN Awards 2014 – 15 listings:

Still not a Daily Doodle

Sorry guys I’ve had a not so good night sleep, and had a busy day at work


Here is a video my friend filmed, and we both edited yesterday of me spinning poi 😀




Another Update thing

This weekend has been uber uber busy!
From Friday evening, to last night I have had hardly any time to do any doodles!!!! I started my first paid job on Saturday. I’ve sold my soul to Tresspass the outdoor clothing company, so far I am now till trained, and I have been attacked by stock! I’ve also sustained an injury from walking into a wall while texting (note to self, don’t do that in future), and another injury from dropping a granite rock on my finger, (second note to self, be careful they hurt).

I’ve also done a circus skills poi workshop with my guide unit, I think they enjoyed it and I’ll be teaching a friend from the group this afternoon if the weather holds up. AND I have had a visitor from uni too, they’ve been up twice now so soon I’ll return the favour and go back to Portsmouth, I do miss that city on occasion. My area is quiet and peaceful, but it can get dull occasionally.

More doodles to come, and hopefully that How To Train Your Dragon design idea(s) too

Have a good day, who ever reads this.

I know I will


Before enrolling on my course here at Portsmouth University, the one thing that occupied my mind was what society I was going to join. At freshers Fair I found a few possibilities, but my heart was set on the University of Portsmouth Circus Skills Society, nicknamed UPSOCS. Here I am brushing up on my poi skills, I have also attempted to unicycle and juggle. I fit in so well with everyone and it is a great way to enjoy myself outside my halls of residence and course. 

At the moment we are all preparing for a christmas show for the 30th November to perform in front of the Salvation Army in Albert Road. I am really excited to show off my skills as a beginner, my only trouble is finding music to suit. I have a few ideas so far, but I think my choices will reflect what I am able to do. 

I have mainly used my tails so far, but I have braved Fire Poi, LED Glow Poi and Sock Poi. I hope to buy my own socks soon and Glow / LED Strobe poi and fire poi will be on my christmas list and or birthday list. I want this to remain a hobby for me so that in the future, I can perhaps earn money from it. UPSOCS is truly a wonderful, quirky and fun society, with plenty of fantastic and friendly people that bounce off of each other.