Another pointless update!!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m getting a bit slack in doing the Daily Doodles.

It was a fun challenge to try and do one a day, but I feel that I have come to a standstill with them. Any doodle I do from now on will be uploaded for your pleasure and mine.

However, I am working on my design site again. I’ve so far come up with a better layout and more ideas on how to make it work and look good too. I’ll keep blogging about the progress of my site, so far I have the pages but I’m thinking of keeping it to one scrolling page.

Hopefully that should make it more fun and easy to use too!!!


Daily Doodle 15-07-14


Thanks to yet another conversation, I have been able to gain inspiration for this fun drawing. I’ve always said to my self, that if I get a pet, it would be a large dog, possibly a Great Dane, a Labrador, an Irish Wolfhound and many other breeds that I like.

The inspiration for this, came from a sketch that I did a while ago, as a plan for a steampunk OC (original character) for a future cosplay. A talented friend of mine, took that and made it into a colour image which was pretty fantastic!!!!!

I love the steampunk fashion, and culture as it looks very classy in a great way. So, here is my steampunk alter ego self, with  Sir Pennington the Great Dane companion, with a steampunk watch for a collar and a red top hat for style.




Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 23.40.49Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 23.59.06



























So I have had trouble using the updated uploading system here on wordpress, so that’s why I haven’t uploaded anything of recent.

By creating a post, and editing it I have managed to put through these coloured versions of a recent doodle which one of my friends wanted to see happen.

Enjoy ^__^

Daily Doodle 07-07-14


Robot and Space Unicorn 😀

Thanks to a discussion on a image I shared on facebook, led me to draw this fun doodle. The original lines were too grey and less dramatic, so I edited in Photoshop to bring the line work out more.

I hope to do more with this at some point.







Still not a Daily Doodle

Sorry guys I’ve had a not so good night sleep, and had a busy day at work


Here is a video my friend filmed, and we both edited yesterday of me spinning poi 😀