Quick general update….

Preparations for the Graduate Show are underway. This past week I have printed lookbooks, business card backs, screen printed some covers for the books and helped to paint the studio… yes I did get very messy with white paint!

Still have a few things to do, such as actually stick my business card objects together, in a triplex format. Also to print my display posters and help to hang them up for Tuesday.

I’m really looking forward to the show on Friday, should be really good and hopefully get in some networking.

Eco Trumps – Ethical Design

Ethical Design was a real eye opener in my practice. I learnt so much about how Graphic Design can be sustainable, and how I can use that into my practice. One of my influences was David Burman, and his book ‘Do Good Design’.
In terms of the set brief, I had to write my own proposal. The first of which was about books and reading. I travelled away from that and decided to make a pocket guide for young designers of 16 – 25 +. This took the form of playing cards, or at least Trump cards.
If I had more time, I would have screen printed the backs of them, as I had a few mishaps with double sided printing. I would have also used a laser cutting machine to cut the cards out and have nice neat corners as well as sourcing my own sustainable card stock.
However, I wanted to make somethign fun and educational, perhaps something I would use my self. I used Ryman Eco, which is a free downloadable font that is eco friendly and uses less ink than the majority of other fonts.
The one other thing, I had to design was a display poster show casing my work and with a 500 word statement.