Just a little bit of photoshopping for a fellow cosplayer | Featuring Sam Ayton Marshall

A request was made on the mcm group on facebook, for a bit of photoshoping from a fellow cosplayer, of the name Sam Marshall (<– his Cosplay page)

I took up the request, and used my magic to create a fantasy forest scene, using an image of a woodland that I live opposite, and some brushes that look like smoke / mist.

Majestic Water Element Spirit Dragon








This evening I have been in a drawing mood. So, using photoshop and my mighty wacom tablet, I have created this majestic creature, the Spirit Dragon of the Water Element! (Or as that’s what I like to imagine it to be!)


Daily Doodle 07-07-14


Robot and Space Unicorn 😀

Thanks to a discussion on a image I shared on facebook, led me to draw this fun doodle. The original lines were too grey and less dramatic, so I edited in Photoshop to bring the line work out more.

I hope to do more with this at some point.