Hand Drawn Typography 2

typographychallenge2_oshoThis quote I thought, was quite promising. It doesn’t seem it but actually, being creative is, to me, far more interesting than sitting in an office all day answering phone calls. The fact that rebellion is used, shows that creativity holds a lot of power and can speak to many on a large scale. Which is quite awesome!

Poster Design Critique | A study of ‘P’

PAfter a critical analysis, of this poster design today, I have come away with ideas on, how I could possibly make the letter ‘P’ an object of interest. One of the suggestions, was to experiment with hand drawn type.

wpid-20141103_222333.jpg wpid-20141103_222341.jpg wpid-20141103_224411.jpgSo, for the past hour or so, I have been drawing using my fine liners and sharpies, the letter ‘P’. Once I research more into handrawn type, I will probably gain a better understanding and improve my visual outcomes. I have a week and a half to do this, so I have got to work fast!