Deadline Day…. New Wallpaper

These past couple of months have been really busy for me. I have been engrossed in my Ethical Design unit, which has been mentally exhausting. Images of my work will be arriving soon…… perhaps after some sleep and well deserved rest!!!

While chilling out in the studio, giving my self a bit of a break, I decided it was time to design a new wallpaper for my laptop. Seeing as I invested in a laptop skin for my macbook pro (which is also black), I thought this would complete the ‘house style’ so to speak.

Influenced by games, loading screens and just pure sass / wit I thought this would deem perfect for my professional outlook as a graphic designer.

WebIf anyone wants me to design them a wallpaper, I will be happy to do so! With promise of caffeine!

Daily Doodle 23-06-14

Daily Doodle 23-06-14

Chocobo are my all time favourite gaming animal 😀

I have a yellow ostrich, that used to be a large stringed puppet, but all the strings broke; now it is limp and flopped over my bedroom mirror. He’s my fluffy Chocobo 😀

Reference –
used this image as a reference, to draw this. Any attribution to the artist, the Final Fantasy franchise, and everything else that comes with copyright, I did not mean to offend or steal.
Just carrying on a fandom and love of game characters.