I was commissioned to draw a crow for my boyfriends mum, as a phone wallpaper.
I looked round for some reference images of both crow and skull. Knowing the themes around crows of being dark and rather gothic, this is what I came up with……

I then put it into photoshop and played around with making a parchment like texture, or colour, as well as making it the right size for the phone.
Overall it was well received and could possibly act as a tattoo, at some point!

A little bit of photo-editing

Just a bit of photo editing for my header image, to be featured on my website design, the one I have at the moment, isn’t exciting enough. My portrait is from said image, and set upon a background made up of Photoshop brushes / ink splats. headerimage2nologo


Daily Doodle 13-06-14 Special

Daily Doodle 13-06-14 Special

If there was one thing I could draw all my life, it would be birds.
More so, Ravens and Crow family. They fascinate me because of their majestic, their mystique and the darkness of the stories that come with them.


Reference Photo