Do you remember the info-graphic / data visualisation piece I did for an Information Design unit, titled ‘The Sleeping Side of Life‘?


I have just entered it into the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2014 competition!!!

I love Information is Beautiful the book and website; they are both gloriously filled with beautiful info-graphics and data visualization pieces, that are pleasing to the eye plus full of useful facts about almost anything.

If you are a designer that makes beautiful information pieces, then this is the competition for you!!!



Information Design | The Sleeping Side of Life | Infographic

Information Design | The Sleeping Side of Life | Infographic

This unit was all about information design. I had to research and create my own pictograms using a given piece of data. This design compares the life span of each animal and their total hours of sleeping. This also includes how many hours they spend dreaming and non dreaming.

I am really proud of this piece because it is really simple and the use of different shades of one colour, I feel, is rather effective.

24/03/2014 – I find out today that I have received 71% = 1st  HELL YEAH!!!