The Devils Are All Here | Matt Horan Mentalist

I was commissioned by my friend, who I had previously produced business cards for, to design a poster for his very first show. ‘The Devils Are All Here’.

The photo was taken by James Hoye —>

The illustrations were by Matt’s friend, Tom Harris who is just a hobbyist illustrator.

All I had to do was choose a type face, and work with what I had been given. The show was on the 9th May 2015. I couldn’t go see it due to having to work the next day, but I’m sure it went really well.

I’ve heard good things from Matt himself about his show and I now have this poster on my wall!
(I keep looking at it and thinking I could have made the information slightly smaller in size… well this is my first A1 poster…. so It’s a learning curve!)

Majestic Water Element Spirit Dragon








This evening I have been in a drawing mood. So, using photoshop and my mighty wacom tablet, I have created this majestic creature, the Spirit Dragon of the Water Element! (Or as that’s what I like to imagine it to be!)