Magpies, Rhyme and Design Part 1

A quiet evening and whim for something to do, was the perfect moment to start to design a brewing idea featured early on in the summer. These posters, have taken on a minimal design with a hint of Art Deco typography to accommodate one of my favourite species of bird. The Magpie just pure black and white (I know the bird has iridescent blue in it’s plumage but for simplicity I kept it out). The first three represent the first three lines of the nursery rhyme ‘One for Sorrow’ as I know it, there are many different versions if you search for them.

I will be designing a full set during the week, so another three may make it on here and my Instagram!


Poster Challenge Weeks 5 – 7

Carrying on with the posters, I have two more designs which I’m quite happy with.

The first, from week 5


This was influenced by the simple shape of the triangle and how it can be used with colour, texture and layering. It may look like different things to many eyes, such as a rewind button or fast forward. I didn’t see this when I designed it, I only saw the simplicity of triangles, kind of like Pythagoras in the BBC’s Atlantis series. The colours reflect my own personal branding.

Week 6

I was ill this week, and by the weekend I had no ideas or any inspiration to design a poster. Bad I know, but I think I needed the rest and time to think.

Week 7


Week 7, I thought about how I could incorporate this geometric theme I have, and make something even more interesting. This time I played with circles, their size, and using gradients to produce a harmonising contrast. It surprisingly turned out quite Space Age, I thought about adding some typography like in the NASA posters, but I couldn’t think of anything to put, so I left it to the imagination.



Poster Challenge – WEEK 3 & 4

The past couple of weeks have been busy. I went to an Interview, for a 4–6 week Internship, at Whitelabel UK. Also, I have been training and have become a Supervisor at Trespass in Aldershot. I have also begun playing with watercolour pencils, for some very special invitations, all to be revealed later this year.

So in between work, and the daily drawings which are going well. Still, I feel they’re not quite good enough to post up. However, two more poster designs have been created.



Week 3 – ‘Fading Away’

I wanted to play with Typography again, this time using a single tone with a gradual difference in the opacity, on each character. Keeping the design simple and minimal it allows the word to be enhanced, with the effects used.



Week 4 ‘Every Adventure’

This design looked completely different, before I added the subtle gradient in the background and the shadows on the mountains. However, the design again, is minimal (I think that’s my thing at the moment…) with the added interest of colour, simple typography and a calming sense of feeling. This is something I would love to produce as a vinyl transfer or poster OR even a screen print to sell.


I thought I might as well do an update, considering most of my blog has been doodles and recently four prints.

At the moment I am re constructing my website, it’s almost complete. I’m working on my home page but coming up with content is tricky, as I don’t want to appear childish or unprofessional so coming up with something sophisticated and smart is something that I’m not great at. Mainly because I have a fun personality. Smart isn’t really me, as I like to get stuck into things and make a mess.

I am trying to gain inspiration to do more design work through my doodles, I am thinking on the lines of minimalistic game and or film characters. Not yet sure on which ones, but I will post progress when I start.

So, hopefully my creativity will be stimulated throughout the rest of the holiday. So far it’s been relaxed, and successful on the Job Front. I start this Saturday, and I physically cannot wait as it’s my first paid job!!!! Excitement all around. I have also received my last two unit grades from Uni, a 2:1 and a 1st could not be happier. I have sailed right in to second year, but obviously I am waiting for that conformation and what I have passed the year with.  

This has been the best year of my life, for a while. I could not have been happier to get in and for the first time, I am excited to go back to education in September! No regrets what so ever!