More ‘P’s | An Inky Experiment

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This time, I spent a few hours in the studio messing around with indian inks, paint brushes and a dip pen. I am going to scan these in, and mess around with them some more, in order to create an innovative and exciting poster design.

Poster Design Critique | A study of ‘P’

PAfter a critical analysis, of this poster design today, I have come away with ideas on, how I could possibly make the letter ‘P’ an object of interest. One of the suggestions, was to experiment with hand drawn type.

wpid-20141103_222333.jpg wpid-20141103_222341.jpg wpid-20141103_224411.jpgSo, for the past hour or so, I have been drawing using my fine liners and sharpies, the letter ‘P’. Once I research more into handrawn type, I will probably gain a better understanding and improve my visual outcomes. I have a week and a half to do this, so I have got to work fast!