Updates again


Yes I am still alive.

No I haven’t been designing.

Yes I have been busy with work.

Only Three and a bit weeks till I move into my new student home!

Yes I am excited.

Yes, when I design something, get my tattoo, OR finish my website I will post.


(Sorry if that’s blunt, but ya know, I’m being lazy)


I thought I might as well do an update, considering most of my blog has been doodles and recently four prints.

At the moment I am re constructing my website, it’s almost complete. I’m working on my home page but coming up with content is tricky, as I don’t want to appear childish or unprofessional so coming up with something sophisticated and smart is something that I’m not great at. Mainly because I have a fun personality. Smart isn’t really me, as I like to get stuck into things and make a mess.

I am trying to gain inspiration to do more design work through my doodles, I am thinking on the lines of minimalistic game and or film characters. Not yet sure on which ones, but I will post progress when I start.

So, hopefully my creativity will be stimulated throughout the rest of the holiday. So far it’s been relaxed, and successful on the Job Front. I start this Saturday, and I physically cannot wait as it’s my first paid job!!!! Excitement all around. I have also received my last two unit grades from Uni, a 2:1 and a 1st could not be happier. I have sailed right in to second year, but obviously I am waiting for that conformation and what I have passed the year with.  

This has been the best year of my life, for a while. I could not have been happier to get in and for the first time, I am excited to go back to education in September! No regrets what so ever!

I made it ………

Well, I finally made it after weeks and months of waiting, planning etc. I am in Portsmouth University. I moved into halls after an hour long car journey. Moving in was fun. There is a lift. Some stairs. I have flat mates and neighbours who are rather friendly. Nothing is going to get in my way of my goal to get this graphic design degree. Well, epart from the fun stuff which I may or may not sign up too etc etc etc.