Ummm…… Dissertation Stuff and Uni?

Okay so, currently for the past couple of weeks I have been figuring out this Research Project and Visual outcome (Which will be my dissertation) So instead of the reaaaalllly long essay, I am taking the shorter option: it’s over by the 10th of December!


(Well…. you’d think so wouldn’t you?)

I have found a few articles on my topic that I chose, which is Vinyl Records, Album sleeves / art work etc. I have had a couple of tutorials on the subject, with my supervisor.

Only thing is, now I have a question and a bit of a direction to go in. Now I’ve not been a map reader, but forming this whole design process in my head, is starting to get to me.

BUT I know I can get there, (with other units at the same time….. hmmm…..) in my mind right now, is those little fluff balls you get when you go brain dead? And they run about making it all fuzzy?

Yeah… that happened today. However, I will be exploring the evocation of records, and how designers design this around three formats, so Vinyl, CD and MP3. And within that the experiences of albums themselves. So, how different is the experience with Vinyl compared to a digital download? Does the artwork get forgotten or do we actually look at it?

it’s something I want to explore and hopefully produce a rather interesting outcome from this research.

Only issue is the time scale AND my self, thinking about it too much.

I can over–think and it’s an issue which I need to get over.