First Week and Design Academy

The first week and a Half  back has been really busy. I started a new unit called Live Studio Practice, due to finishing Visual Culture before the Christmas break…. (Results come out next week…GULP!). So far this has been really interesting, learning about how to go about being a Freelancer and going about briefs given by clients. For this we have to find a brief or client to freelance for, even if we don’t get paid or if the project doesn’t go live.

So that’s fun!

I’ve also started a programme run by the Design Council (literally was really unsure what to expect) which runs over Four days between now and the end of February where we pitch our ideas in London.

Today was the start of the programme, where I met my fellow team members for the first time and had practically an all day lecture with some workshops in between that helped us to understand strategic design thinking, who the ‘user’ could be as well as finding a solution to a problem. Some of the workshops were mostly about user experiences, an example of such a task, where we had  to go to an O2 store that we were given, and find out as much information we could to find a suitable phone and tariff for a Ten year old boy. As we were a team of five we split into two groups and both teams got two different experiences which we fed back to the rest of the programme. Another task was mapping the experience out with post it notes, and drawing a graph to map our emotions.

Others involved writing down key things we thought of, while the leader was talking, about our question: How might people stay independent for longer? (considering this is a Design for Care Challenge, it’s not easy).

Tea and coffee were provided as well as biscuits, a buffet of rolls and wraps for lunch (OH MY GOSH! was the salmon and hoison duck ones tasty!!!) and not to mention a huge slice of Red Velvet Cake (It made the whole thing even better as it was a long day!)

I have this again tomorrow, but mostly team based and focusing on our project building.

I guess I should research a little tonight to gain an idea before tomorrow’s session!