‘Going Round in Circles’

For the past three months, I have been working tirelessly on a 4000 word report, that explores the evocative natures of Vinyl Records and how they create an experience for the listener. This was intensive and a lot of research was needed to compile into a report and a visual response. The aim originally was to look at album covers, and how they have created an experience but with much discussion and self directed study, it became to looking at the records and the covers as a whole, in how and why they are evocative and culturally popular. This was enlightening and really interesting to read up on, seeing as how vinyl records are now becoming popular again. They’re a old format, but new to the generations today.

I am extremely pleased with my outcome, a 12″ x 12″ book titled ‘Going Round in Circles’, which includes self produced photography, letterpress, interview and quotes from my research. I have also included a mini 7″ x 7″ book, featuring my interview with one of my course mates, and friend, Dan Bass. Another feature to this book as a double sided A2 poster, with letterpress type expressing a word visually, with the images.

I want to share this outcome to show how proud I am, of what I have managed to achieve in three months!!!


Letterpress Fun!

This is what I got up to, today!
As part of my Visual Culture Research Project, on the evocative natures of Vinyl Records, I pressed some type with some words I asked a few people for. This turned out really well and once they’re dry I can scan them and change them up for my outcome, (such as colour, size, position etc.)
Of course I am covered in ink, on my hands, arms, clothes and face. If I came out clean, I wouldn’t be working hard enough or having fun at all!

Daily Doodle 15-07-14


Thanks to yet another conversation, I have been able to gain inspiration for this fun drawing. I’ve always said to my self, that if I get a pet, it would be a large dog, possibly a Great Dane, a Labrador, an Irish Wolfhound and many other breeds that I like.

The inspiration for this, came from a sketch that I did a while ago, as a plan for a steampunk OC (original character) for a future cosplay. A talented friend of mine, took that and made it into a colour image which was pretty fantastic!!!!!

I love the steampunk fashion, and culture as it looks very classy in a great way. So, here is my steampunk alter ego self, with  Sir Pennington the Great Dane companion, with a steampunk watch for a collar and a red top hat for style.