Exciting stuff… possibly

Alrighty, since my last post, January is at it’s end and February is just about to begin.

Now I know what you’re all thinking….. where the hell did January go?

For me, working at OMM has had it’s ups and downs, but it’s still experience and I’m not going to waste this opportunity. Recently I have been working on yet another Squarespace built website.. having finished OMM Photography, just in the first week handing it over, to my colleagues. Then… came the matter of producing a Van wrap which gave out mixed reactions.

However… I have recently joined a gym, and have been going for a number of 5 days now. I actually enjoy it… surprisingly. It wakes me up for the afternoon and my productivity does become a little more productive. And I feel better inside, with just sitting on my arse all day.

The other thing, outside of work is, I have started to learn to drive …. Uh-OH!

Yep… I’ll be on the road quicker than one may think… hopefully


Preparations & Freelancing

I haven’t really done an update in a while, so here’s what’s been happening this summer!

I have been dabbling in hand written typography, maybe not to a great standard but I will hopefully, with practice get better and more precise with my lettering. It’s actually quite enjoyable to do something different, which I hope to continue into the future.

I have also been preparing for the YCN Awards Ceremony, where I will be picking up my award as a winner in the competition. I am really excited as this is my first major design competition, and to win it as a 2nd year, in university is a fantastic achievement altogether! I am really proud of my self and this experience and opportunity has given me more confidence in my growing skills, as a Graphic Designer.

I have now started a new project, which will be really good experience for me. I have been commissioned by my uncle, to design a logo, some stationary and build a website for his building services and home improvements business. Having gained some experience and knowledge on a similar project at university, as an assignment, I can now apply this knowledge in professional practice! I’m also hoping to use this as an example in my portfolio to attempt to attract the eye of an identity and branding company in Guildford.

I’ll be updating this blog as I develop this project further, as is also good practice.

Website Updates

This afternoon, I have been working on my website, purely to make it look as good as possible before I make the menu functional, and smarten up my gallery a bit more. So far I am really pleased with how this has gone. Everything I have learned this year at uni has gone into this, what with white space, grids, and the way things look on a page. I believe this will truley be a successful site once it is live. It will be something I am proud to show off to people and say, ‘This is who I am! This is what I do!’

I am still waiting to have more motion graphic pieces in my armoury, before I put them up here.

A little bit of photo-editing

Just a bit of photo editing for my header image, to be featured on my website design, the one I have at the moment, isn’t exciting enough. My portrait is from said image, and set upon a background made up of Photoshop brushes / ink splats. headerimage2nologo


Another pointless update!!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m getting a bit slack in doing the Daily Doodles.

It was a fun challenge to try and do one a day, but I feel that I have come to a standstill with them. Any doodle I do from now on will be uploaded for your pleasure and mine.

However, I am working on my design site again. I’ve so far come up with a better layout and more ideas on how to make it work and look good too. I’ll keep blogging about the progress of my site, so far I have the pages but I’m thinking of keeping it to one scrolling page.

Hopefully that should make it more fun and easy to use too!!!