Before enrolling on my course here at Portsmouth University, the one thing that occupied my mind was what society I was going to join. At freshers Fair I found a few possibilities, but my heart was set on the University of Portsmouth Circus Skills Society, nicknamed UPSOCS. Here I am brushing up on my poi skills, I have also attempted to unicycle and juggle. I fit in so well with everyone and it is a great way to enjoy myself outside my halls of residence and course. 

At the moment we are all preparing for a christmas show for the 30th November to perform in front of the Salvation Army in Albert Road. I am really excited to show off my skills as a beginner, my only trouble is finding music to suit. I have a few ideas so far, but I think my choices will reflect what I am able to do. 

I have mainly used my tails so far, but I have braved Fire Poi, LED Glow Poi and Sock Poi. I hope to buy my own socks soon and Glow / LED Strobe poi and fire poi will be on my christmas list and or birthday list. I want this to remain a hobby for me so that in the future, I can perhaps earn money from it. UPSOCS is truly a wonderful, quirky and fun society, with plenty of fantastic and friendly people that bounce off of each other. 

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